Become a W&H Team Member!

Wings and Hooves volunteers allow our riders to fly hoof by hoof. Without their generous commitment of time and energy, our organization’s mission would not be possible.

Wings and Hooves operates five days a week and 40 weeks of the year. Our staff and volunteers work together to form a dynamic team that accomplishes everything from helping during a lesson to making copies in the office to coordinating special events. The Wings and Hooves team is essential to achieving our mission and directly impacts the success of our and riders.

While some of the volunteer opportunities at Wings and Hooves are listed below, there are many ways to assist Wings and Hooves! If you possess a special talent or skill and you would like to share your time with us, please feel free to contact the office at (603) 642-3722 to discuss how you can join our team! We look forward to meeting you soon!

  • Lesson Volunteer:
    A lesson volunteer is responsible for assisting the instructor during the therapeutic riding lesson. Volunteers arrive fifteen minutes before the lesson to assist in preparing the horse and tack. While the instructor conducts the lesson, one volunteer assumes the role of a “Sidewalker,” responsible for focusing his or her attention on the rider during the course of the lesson. The other volunteer is the “Leader,” responsible for leading the horse during a lesson and paying full attention to the animal. The lesson volunteers are also asked to make sure the horses are clean, comfortable, and led back to their stalls for hay after the lesson!

All lesson volunteers must be at least 14 years of age, feel comfortable walking and jogging lightly and enjoy being around horses. NO HORSE EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!

  • Special Events Coordination and Fundraising Volunteers:
    Wings and Hooves
    is always hosting special events to raise awareness about our mission, as well as funds for the Therapeutic Riding Program. If you are interested in assisting with the planning, organization, and execution of the next Special Event, the Fall Festival, the Volunteer Appreciation party,  or various Community Outreach Events throughout the year, please email
  • Office Work Volunteer:
    As a non-profit, resources are limited here at Wings and Hooves, including office personnel! We always have office work to be completed and welcome those who are willing to assist. If you enjoy copying, faxing, filing, envelope stuffing, and candy, then please feel free to contact us at as your services are much needed!
  • Do you have a special skill or talent?
    If you have a passion or talent for photography, videography, computers carpentry, painting, marketing, public relations, yoga, or any skill from which Wings and Hooves may benefit, please contact us at and discuss how you would like to become involved!

All volunteers must complete an application and attend a very fun orientation and training class!