Moving the Telecom Services to Your New Location

You could be the proud owner of a business or you could be a homeowner that has recently acquired a new residence and wants to change the locations for the telecom services. In both cases, there are some steps that you will need to take to make sure that you’re not left without internet or phone services at the new location.telecom (3)

For a business, this is extremely important, because this is what keeps the activity going – you use the computers and the internet for keeping in touch with clients and with vendors, for updating the website, for answering emails and even for managing the customer service that you have.

Either way, as a business owner or a home owner, these services are very important because they allow you to have a natural flow of activity, be it domestic or from the business area.

Let’s see what you have to do to move every telecom service that you have from your old to your new location.

Notify the Provider

First of all, you need to notify the provider of the telecommunication services. You certainly have a contract with them so if you check it out, you will see that this is one of the clauses – notifying them should take place with at least one month in advance before actually moving.

Once you’ve found the new location, you need to tell them where you will move, so that they could tell you in turn if they can still provide the services there or if you need to look for another provider.

Another reason for letting them know is that you still have to pay for the month that you use. A business needs the phone and internet services, and without them the activity could drop or you could lose it. That makes it very important in terms of being fair to the provider, as they could cut out the services if you don’t notify them in time.

Moving Everything

Moving the furniture and the rest of the office supplies could be easy – there are specialized companies that could help you out with this, as long as you have them already packed. The same goes if you move house. However, for the IT equipment that comes from the telecommunication company, you can’t move it by yourself.

Telecom (4)The equipment is actually in your custody, but you are not the owner of it, and that means that the telecommunication company needs to change its location. If you’ve notified them in time, they will come and move the equipment or they will make sure that a new equipment is already set at the new location when you get there.


Don’t forget that you’ll have to sign an additional act for the telecommunication services that you have from them, because you will be billed at a new address. Check out the contract to be accurate and read even the fine printing that usually is set at the end of a page. It could contain important clauses that you might not agree with. In rest, all should be functioning as it was promised by the telecom company.